Whether you are a young entrepreneur or a seasoned executive, the American Association of Executives (ExecAA) is here to provide you with the tools, training and resources for you to be successful.

Welcome to ExecAA

Discover a vibrant community dedicated to supporting your professional journey, whether you're just starting out or already on your way. ExecAA is not just a business association; it's a diverse and inclusive platform offering resources, services, and benefits designed to empower every member and their families.

Innovative and Cost Effective Health Plans

We understand the importance of well-being, which is why we've secured partnerships to provide our members with access to innovative and affordable health, dental, and vision plans. Our goal is to ensure every member has access to quality care without breaking the bank. Take a closer look.

Lifelong Learning Opportunities

The landscape of business is ever evolving, and so are our members. To ensure you stay ahead, we offer continuous education and training opportunities to enhance your skills and keep you relevant in the dynamic business world.

Mentoring and Coaching

No matter where you are in your professional journey, our mentoring and coaching programs offer the guidance you need to navigate the path to success. Learn from experienced mentors, gain insights, and grow your network within our community.

Perks Program

Being a member of ExecAA comes with its fair share of perks. Our free perks program includes a variety of benefits and discounts, designed to enhance your lifestyle and support you in achieving a work-life balance.

Job Board

Looking for a new opportunity or ready to take the next step in your career? Our dedicated job board offers a range of vacancies within the ExecAA community and partner network.

More Benefits

Our commitment to you goes beyond what's mentioned here. We constantly strive to add more programs and benefits, tailored to the diverse needs of our members and their families.

About Us

ExecAA was founded as a non-profit business association in 2019.  Founded by the executive advisory firm, ExecHQ, the mission of the American Association of Executives is to provide world-class health insurance benefits and other perks and services to our members.

We invite you to check out the various services and benefits available to you, many at no cost.  We appreciate our sponsors for their help!


Looking For Exclusive Benefits?

Join ExecAA today to experience the difference. Your journey to professional growth and personal well-being begins here.