We are so grateful for each of the following companies that we have had a close association with for many years.  We encourage you to check out the information for each.  Some may provide special discounts or benefits to ExecAA members and their companies.

ADP is about people. They have a strong history of providing solutions for human resource challenges, striving to do more. They challenge themselves to anticipate, think forward and take action in a way that empowers to shape the changing world of work.

Protect yourself, your family, or your global workforce with simple security, easy secret sharing, and actionable insight reports. Free trial for ExecAA Members

ExecHQ is a global team of senior Executives who can help your company get to the next level.  From startups to Fortune 1000 companies, ExecHQ’s clients include for-profit and non-profit companies, family offices, private equity firms, multi-generational businesses, and venture capital firms. 

PostcardMania is a full-service direct mail marketing firm that offers tailored marketing solutions at affordable rates. Small business owners have access to professional designers and copywriters that will create unique one-of-a-kind postcards, marketing consultants that will personally walk them through the process of tailoring a campaign for their specific needs, digital solutions like website development and social media marketing, and much more.

Podbean is an easy way to create, promote and monetize your podcast. Everything you need for a successfull podcast.